The grounds of High Leigh Conference Centre on an early September morning.

Welcome to catholicity, my personal site.

The primary point of this site is to provide me with some blogging space, and you are warmly invited to join in the conversation. I tend to think by talking aloud. I may therefore disagree with what I’ve said before you do, and nothing I post is ever a final position, or a last word.

I hope over time that some other sections will follow, and as they do, I’ll be updating this welcome page.

As for the tagline of this site, modern Western humanism has a long pedigree, but it seems to have forgotten that its Renaissance roots were profoundly Christian. Personally I believe that Christianity today ought to be much more upfront about being a humanist faith, and reclaim the term from those who identify it with atheism. There is nothing we say about God which isn’t also – at least by implication – a statement about humanity.

Finally, a word about the comments policy on this site. Normally blogposts will be open to comments. Comments are lightly moderated, but courtesy to other users is expected, and anonymity is frowned on.